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Gardening is an amazing hobby, and a lot of people worldwide share this fantastic hobby. Here at BuyingSeed, we all share a passion for nature. That’s how we started, as a small and new local company in the Netherlands, with people who all share a passion for nature, the environment, and everything related. Building a company like this is not easy, because there is a lot of competition in this sector. Below it will become clear why BuyingSeed is the only place you need to go, for all your gardening tools.

Now I hear you thinking, this company is going to tell me all the things why they are perfect.
Well… no. You do not have to buy from our gardening collection because we are perfect. We are not perfect, that’s why. We learn every they, but most important is that we keep improving. We listen to our customers and their experiences, so we can upgrade our service, products, and even prices. That is how we distinguish ourselves at BuyingSeed.

Not only do we sell various amazing seeds. We also offer a lot of different gardening tools like seed protection bags, seedling heating mats, flower pots, irrigation tools, and much more.

We would like to see you at our shop and hope you have a great experience, here at BuyingSeed.

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