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100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

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100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine
100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine $16.66 Original price was: $16.66.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.
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100pcs Aromatic Cape Jasmine Seeds Ideal For Indoor Flowering Landscaping Projects

The 100pcs Aromatic Cape Jasmine Seeds are the perfect choice for your indoor flowering and landscaping projects. These perennial seeds are designed for temperate climates and are very easy to cultivate, making them ideal for both beginner and experienced gardeners. The Cape Jasmine, also known as Gardenia, is renowned for its delightful aroma and stunning white flowers, making it an appealing addition to your home or garden.

One of the unique features of these seeds is their air purification function. Once grown, these plants will not only add a beautiful touch to your study or any other room but also help in purifying the air around you. These foliage plants come into full bloom in the summer, offering a revitalizing touch to your environment.

Despite their elegant appearance, these seeds are hardy and robust. They are versatile and can be used for outdoor plantations as well, making them perfect for various landscaping projects. With 100 seeds in the pack, you have ample quantity to experiment with different planting techniques and locations.

How to Plant 100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine:
1. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
2. Prepare the soil by mixing compost with garden soil in a ratio of 1:3.
3. Sow the seeds about 1/2 inch deep into the soil.
4. Water the soil thoroughly and keep it consistently moist.
5. Place the planted seeds in a location with indirect sunlight and maintain a temperature of about 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Wait for the seeds to germinate. This usually takes about 1-2 weeks.

In conclusion, the 100pcs Aromatic Cape Jasmine Seeds offer an easy and effective way to enhance your living space, purify the air and immerse yourself in the joys of gardening. Embrace the beauty of nature with these high-quality seeds.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: The Latin name for Cape Jasmine is Gardenia jasminoides.
  • Planting Season: These seeds are best planted in the spring season.
  • Germination Rate: The germination rate for these seeds is usually high, with most seeds sprouting within 1-2 weeks of planting.
  • Grown Plant Size: Once fully grown, these plants can reach a height of 1-2 meters.
  • Time to Maturity: These plants typically reach maturity within 2-3 months of planting.
  • Soil Type: These seeds prefer well-drained soil mixed with compost.
  • Watering: Regular watering is required to keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Sunlight: These plants prefer indirect sunlight and should be kept in a location with a temperature of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Uses: Apart from adding beauty to your living space, these plants also have an air purification function.
  • Deer Resistance: Cape Jasmine plants are generally not preferred by deer, making them a safe choice for outdoor planting.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: These plants are known for their robustness and have a good resistance to most common pests and diseases.
  • Spacing Requirements: When planting these seeds, ensure a spacing of at least 2-3 feet between each plant for proper growth.
  • Companion Plants: Cape Jasmine can be paired with other plants that prefer similar growing conditions, like Azaleas and Camellias.
  • Harvesting Instructions: Cape Jasmine flowers can be harvested once they are fully open and should be carefully cut from the plant to avoid damage.

100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

100pcs Gardenia Seeds Cape Jasmine

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