2pcs Insecticide Chalk – Kills Bugs Fast!


Bugs beware! Magic Insecticide Chalk kills fast. Easy-to-use. Get yours now.

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2pcs Insecticide Chalk - Kills Bugs Fast! $14.99
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Miraculous Insecticide Chalk – Kills Bugs Fast!

Say goodbye to pesky insects with our highly effective and low poisonous insecticide chalk. This miraculous chalk is a powerful contact insecticide that targets cockroaches, ants, lice, fleas, and more. Simply draw parallel lines across the tracks or hiding spots of insects, and they will come into contact with the powder, causing their nervous system to fail and leading to their demise within 4-10 hours.

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Easy to use and environmentally friendly, our insecticide chalk is perfect for nighttime use. Draw circles around food cabinets, bait areas, or garbage piles to keep insects at bay. Each package includes 2pcs of magic insect pen chalk, which can be cut into several pieces for convenient use. Get rid of bugs quickly and efficiently with our powerful insecticide chalk.

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