Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds


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Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds
Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds $14.99
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100 Pcs Phlox Drummondii Blossom Seeds For Breathtaking Outdoor Landscaping And Balcony Decorations

Add a vibrant touch to your outdoor space with our Exotic Phlox Flower Bonsai Drummondii Seeds. These blooming plants are perfect for transforming your balcony, courtyard, or garden into a stunning visual spectacle. Each set contains 100 Phlox Drummondii seeds, a variety known for its breathtaking perennial blossoms that bloom in autumn.

Ideal for regions with a subtropical climate, these seeds are rated as ‘very easy’ in terms of cultivating difficulty. Whether you are a novice gardener or an expert, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and satisfaction of nurturing these seeds into full bloom. The seeds come in various sizes – mini, small, medium, and large – offering you an exciting range of options to explore.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these seeds are all about beautifying your environment. They add a touch of nature’s charm to your living space, creating a serene and calming ambiance. Born under the Virgo constellation, these Phlox flowers bring a unique blend of beauty and astrological significance to your doorstep.

How to Plant Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds:
1. Begin by preparing your soil. It should be loose and well-draining. Add some compost to enrich it.
2. Place the seeds on the surface and lightly cover them with soil. Ensure they are spaced adequately to avoid overcrowding.
3. Water the area gently to moisten the soil without washing away the seeds.
4. Maintain a regular watering schedule, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.
5. Wait for the magic to unfold. With proper care, your Phlox Drummondii seeds will grow into stunning flowers to enhance your outdoor space.

Please note that the flowerpot is excluded from the package. Embrace the joy of gardening and let these Phlox Drummondii seeds bring an exotic touch to your outdoor décor.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Phlox Drummondii
  • Planting Season: Spring to Summer
  • Germination Rate: Approximately 75%
  • Grown Plant Size: Varies depending on the specific variety, usually between 6″-16″ in height
  • Time to Maturity: Typically 60-80 days
  • Soil Type: Prefers loose, well-draining soil enriched with compost
  • Watering: Regular watering schedule, keeping soil consistently moist but not waterlogged
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
  • Uses: Ideal for outdoor landscaping and balcony decorations
  • Deer Resistance: Generally deer resistant
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Resistant to most common pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Seeds should be spaced adequately to avoid overcrowding
  • Companion Plants: Pairs well with other perennial and annual flowers
  • Harvesting Instructions: No specific harvesting instructions as these are primarily ornamental plants

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

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40 reviews for Exotic Phlox Flower 100 Pcs Bonsai Drummondii Seeds

  1. Lanell

    Average quality but beautiful flowers

  2. Wendell

    Beautiful and easy to grow

  3. Librada

    late delivery, seeds didnt germinate.

  4. Lavonne

    Decent, but growth is slow.

  5. Oleta

    Pretty but hard to grow

  6. Sage

    Loved these Phlox seeds! Second purchase, still satisfied.

  7. Gala

    Beautiful seeds bloomed into vibrant exotic flowers Highly recommend for any garden enthusiast

  8. Man

    Decent, but room for improvement.

  9. Glinda

    Beautiful seeds, bloomed well!

  10. Yanira

    Absolutely love these Phlox flower seeds They sprouted quickly and transformed my garden Plus the delivery was super fast A perfect 5-star product

  11. Brandie

    Absolutely love these Drummondii seeds! They sprouted into gorgeous Phlox flowers, true to their exotic name. Packaging was secure and seeds arrived safe. A few spelling mistakes on the instructions, but it added charm. 5/5 stars!

  12. Sheryl

    Beautiful seeds, easy to plant, resulting in vibrant and uniquely stunning blooms! Highly recommend.

  13. Nadene

    Perfect seeds, never disappoint!

  14. Leslie


  15. Janeth

    these drummondii seeds are okay although the phlox flowers they produce are exotic and stunning the growth rate is quite slow and germination isnt always successful decent for patient gardeners

  16. Tayna

    pretty phlox bonsai seeds but they require patience and careful cultivation

  17. Lola

    These Exotic Phlox Blossoms are a gardeners dream The Drummondii seeds sprouted beautifully resulting in a stunning display of vibrant flowers The quality of the seeds is top-notch and they are clearly cultivated with care A well-deserved five-star product

  18. Jackie

    Highly reliable, beautiful blooms!

  19. Kourtney

    Simply stunning, vibrant blooms!

  20. Krysta

    Lovely seeds! They sprouted quickly and the flowers are stunning. The free gift was a pleasant surprise, adding extra value to my purchase.

  21. Marcelino

    Vibrant Phlox Bonsai Seeds, beautifully packaged!

  22. Brenton

    These Phlox Flower seeds are fantastic! They germinated well and now my garden is a beautiful splash of Drummondii colors. Highly recommended!

  23. Maudie

    Loved these seeds before still do Beautifull flowers Fast shipping highly satisfid again

  24. Robin

    The seeds arrived late and some were damaged. However, once planted, they sprouted but growth was slower than expected. Not quite satisfactory.

  25. Sara

    Beautiful blooms, easy to grow.

  26. Melonie

    Loved the free gift included

  27. Edris

    Lovely seeds!

  28. Randy

    Beautiful, vibrant Phlox seeds, excellent germination rate. Highly recommended!

  29. Connie

    Stunning phlox seeds! easy to grow with vibrant blooms. excellent reviews online affirm top-quality product.

  30. Porsche

    Average but beautiful when grown

  31. Lennie

    beautiful seeds, free gift amazing!

  32. Angelia

    Beautiful seeds, vibrant flowers. Great for any garden lover!

  33. Marivel

    These Phlox Bonsai Seeds sprouted beautifully, adding an exotic touch to my garden. A 4-star product for any flower enthusiast!

  34. Derick

    Arrived late, seeds didnt bloom as expected. Not completely satisfied.

  35. Betsy

    Simply stunning, vibrant blooms!

  36. Yuonne

    Nice seeds but not all sprouted Decent colors though Delivery was quick Could be better but not too bad

  37. Kanisha

    Beautiful seeds great germination rate

  38. Vicente

    Excellent quality seeds germinated well producing vibrant exotic flowers Highly recommended

  39. Genny

    Stunningly beautiful!

  40. Samira

    These seeds are truly a gardeners dream. They sprout vibrant, gorgeous flowers, transforming any space into a botanical paradise. Easy to grow, with high germination rate. Definitely a 5-star purchase!

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