10pcs Fruit Flores Cherry Seeds


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10pcs Fruit Flores Cherry Seeds
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10piece Pack Cherry Seed Set For Fruitful And Blooming Urban Farming Experience

Introducing our 10piece Pack Cherry Seed Set, your gateway to a fruitful and blooming urban farming experience. These seeds are perfect for anyone looking to beautify their surroundings with minimal effort. They are classified as a novel plant, offering a unique touch to your garden or indoor plant collection.

With a cultivating difficulty degree of very easy, these cherry seeds are perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners. They are perennial, meaning they will return year after year, providing a long-lasting addition to your plant family. These seeds are suitable for temperate climates and bloom to their full glory during the summer months.

Ideal for outdoor planting, these cherry seeds can also be a charming addition to your bedroom d├ęcor. They are not only visually appealing but also have a beautifying effect on their surroundings. They come in three different sizes – mini, medium, and small, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space.

Regardless of your astrological sign, our cherry seeds are particularly favorable for Virgos. They are a blooming plant variety, promising to add a pop of color and life to any area.

How to Plant 10pcs Fruit Flores Cherry Seeds:
1. Select a location that receives full sunlight.
2. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds or stones and loosening it with a garden fork.
3. Plant the seeds about 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart.
4. Water the seeds thoroughly after planting.
5. Continue to water regularly, but avoid over-watering.
6. Wait for your cherry blossoms to bloom and enjoy.

Experience the joy of urban farming and watch your space transform with our 10piece Pack Cherry Seed Set. Start your gardening journey today and reap the benefits of a blooming, fruitful environment.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Prunus avium
  • Planting Season: These seeds are best planted during late winter or early spring.
  • Germination Rate: High germination rate of 85-95%.
  • Grown Plant Size: These cherry seeds will grow into medium-sized plants, perfect for urban spaces.
  • Time to Maturity: Cherry trees typically take 3-4 years to bear fruit.
  • Soil Type: They prefer well-drained, fertile soil. Ideal pH is between 6.0 and 7.0.
  • Watering: Water regularly, but avoid over-watering. Soil should be moist, not soggy.
  • Sunlight: These plants need full sunlight for healthy growth.
  • Uses: Ideal for outdoor planting, can be used to beautify your garden or urban space.
  • Deer Resistance: Cherry trees are generally resistant to deer.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: These seeds are resistant to common pests and diseases, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Spacing Requirements: Plant the seeds about 6 inches apart.
  • Companion Plants: Cherry trees do well with corn, peas, and beans as companion plants.
  • Harvesting Instructions: Harvest when the cherries are fully ripe, usually in mid to late summer.

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Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy




Novel Plant







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Outdoor Plants




Blooming Plants

19 reviews for 10pcs Fruit Flores Cherry Seeds

  1. Marlin


  2. Rita

    Late delivery, seeds didnt sprout.

  3. Precious

    Really happy with these cherry seeds. Planted all 10, sprouted quickly. Cant wait for fresh cherries! Some seeds didnt grow, though. 4/5 stars.

  4. Cassie

    great for beginner gardeners!

  5. Michal

    These cherry seeds are a delightful purchase! The product description was incredibly detailed and accurate, making planting a breeze. The seeds sprouted beautifully, just as specified in the products specifications. Im thoroughly pleased and give this a solid 4-star rating. Highly recommended for gardening enthusiasts.

  6. Evangelina

    Great seeds, excellent customer support! Highly recommended!

  7. Daphne

    Delivery issues, poor germination rate.

  8. Jaime

    These seedz are a gardeners dream! Absolute 5-star quality, grew into beautiful, fruit-bearing cherry trees. Packaging was awesome, instructions crystal clear. Highly recommended for a lush backyard!

  9. Perla

    Great product! seeds sprouted quickly. excellent description and specifications provided, very helpful!

  10. Carey

    Really satisfied with these cherry seeds from a reliable store. Great germination rate. Recommended!

  11. Sparkle

    Great purchase

  12. January

    These cherry seeds are fantastic! All 10 germinated, and theyre growing into strong, healthy plants. Cant wait for the juicy cherries! Highly recommended.

  13. Brock

    decent seeds, but growth rate was slower than expected.

  14. Deetta

    love these seeds! germination rate was top-notch. my garden is now brimming with beautiful cheris. highly recomand!

  15. Gail

    Love these cherry seeds! The bonus gift was a delightful surprise. Highly recommend!

  16. Jae

    really love these cheery seeds!

  17. Clementina

    Good seeds but germination rate could be improved

  18. Grover

    These cheery seeds are amazin High quality germinated well and are now thriving Never seen such vibrant colors before Truly Mother Natures best A must buy for garden lovers

  19. Natividad

    Amazing seeds, sprouted quickly. Received tons of compliments on my lush cherry trees.

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